Hotel Vinayak Palace, situated in the Shekhawati Rajathan’s District Sikar, serves typical Sikar’s food created with large dollops of Sikar’s  hospitality. Each dish is carefully prepared so that when you bite into your order you will be tasting the juicy crispness that only a freshly-prepared dish can provide.
The restaurant has three halls. As you enter you are greeted with the more casual ambience of a cafeteria. Take a table right here if you will and if you are next to the window you can look down on the stream of traffic or the beautifully tended plants of Jardim Garcia D’Orta.
Step further into the second hall and you will be met with a pub, designed such that you get the feeling of being seated in the original British one.
For those who want to dine in style using silver cutlery and in a lavish atmosphere, the last hall beckons. Using silverware to cut through your dish and spoon the tasty morsels of Goan food that come hot from the kitchen into your mouths and let the food work its magic.